We’re Here For All Your Scouting Needs In Georgetown

A Scout-led troop established in 1986, Troop 405 prides itself in providing the best scouting support for its honorable members. Troop 405 Scouts have been recognized and awarded in various fields. Troop 405 is known for its excellent Outdoor Program, with exciting monthly camp outs that include rappelling, hiking, and backpacking.

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Troop 405’s Exciting Outdoor Program

Troop 405 offers a wide array of exciting outdoor activities, designed to encourage our members to challenge themselves while enjoying the outdoors. Through our vigorous Outdoor Program, we offer our Scouts an opportunity to try out exciting and new adventures and experiences.

We conduct camp outs every month wherein our members enjoy challenging adventures such as rappelling and rock climbing. We also enjoy hiking and backpacking, cycling, as well as caving. If you enjoy extreme outdoor sports such as snowboarding, that’s also an exciting and fun part of our Outdoor Program.

Our members also enjoy water sports and fishing. Should you wish to join our fun summer camp, the highlights include adventurous trips to Virginia, Hawaii, and Colorado. Every year, our Troop never fails to send some of our members to high adventures bases.

Troop 405 Builds Leaders

The Patrol Leader is elected by each patrol, whereas the Assistant Patrol Leader is appointed by the Patrol Leader. Every six months, a Senior Patrol Leader is elected. The Senior Patrol Leader has the responsibility to appoint four assistants to help him carry out the Troop’s program.

Troop meetings are held weekly, and each patrol is also encouraged to hold their own patrol meeting. The organization gives out the Baden-Powell Award to each patrol that is able to complete the set requirements.

The Patrol Leaders’ Council meets once a month. The Council is composed of the Patrol Leaders, the Senior Patrol Leader, as well as the Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders. To assist the Troop in planning and implementing troop activities, the Troop Committee also holds a monthly meeting.